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Vergil Redgrave by Dragonuv3

Since this requested critique, I guess'll I critique it. Let be frank by saying I do not do this out of spite, I only express my honest...



After the passing of my beloved dog Phoebe and my brief vacation back in my home town in Texas, I had some thinking I needed to do.
While she may have gone from this world, I'm still here and I have goals I've set and should get on. This has always been the case, but the loss of a loved one/family member seems to put things into perspective and gives you a drive it seems. I've made my peace and accepted Phoebe's loss. It's time to move on with my life while I am still here.

So I'm going do more artwork for ĘTHEREAL such as concept art, sigils, etc when I have the time and start moving forward with what I want to do. It may be nothing more than me posting one or two pics a week if at all (I'm taking some online courses on the side as well desperately looking for a job for some steady income.) or more. While my drawing hasn't been the most steadily posted, on the writing side of things, I have jotted down quite a bit of my future stories, plans, lore, etc. and yet there is still to be written down and more to be changed and edited.
I'd post these, however, they are just a part of a whole and unless you live inside my mind you won't understand much until I get the whole thing written down and I'm always having new ideas come up from some random occurrence or influence that just sparks something in my neurons.

But I do want to get started on ĘTHEREAL on some other ideas, just to get them out there so I have a reference to work off of and make adjustments when necessary.
However, for some of those things I need money to do so and to get money I need a job.
I plan on getting myself a more robust PC as my 4 year old Laptop lacks power in several areas. My parents have offered to help me with this, especially since I am college student but I most likely will need to meet half-way.

I would also like to get better at Digital Art as a whole, as I prefer doing things with a pencil or pen in hand but often it takes more time to scan my pictures (if my scanner will scan the whole image or the image at all.) and my sketches are very messy. I do have a tablet, but it's older than my laptop and I could never quite get the hang of it I prefer seeing my hand on the paper drawing the image rather than looking and the screen and trying to figure it out. I've been looking at Cintiqs because they show the screen on the tablet and I feel like that's a good option...the only issue being they often cost as much money as a good PC. If all else fails, I may just have to grind it out with my old tablet and forge progress the old-fashioned way.

Woo..Feels good to just write it out sometimes and make some written goals. I hope I can actually follow through with them and make things happen. If not, I'm just making empty promises and spewing hot air at everyone.

Anyways, look forward to progress from me at different times here. How much? Maybe a little, maybe some, maybe even alot!
In the meantime, I'll take things as they go and plan for the future.

Hope to see some of you there with me.
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I do, I do.
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Happy birthday! :3
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